Our Team

Our Leaders


  • Sara Elaqad, Executive Director
  • Danielle Best, Chief Program Officer
  • Dante Marinucci, Director of College Admissions
  • Carolyn Algee, Director of Student Engagement
  • Ruchi Asher, Director of Student Engagement
  • Michelle Nguyen, Director of Student Engagement
  • Mathew Phillips, Director of Student Recruitment
  • John Shoemaker, Director of Summer Programs
  • Jacob Stoller, Director of Summer Programs
  • Rebecca Maurer, Director of Academic Instruction
  • Shanina Knighton, Director of Writing Council
  • Chris Sledzik, Director of Writing Council
  • Cindy Wong, Tutoring Coordinator
  • Francis Fungasng, Director of Fundraising
  • James Eberts, Director of Outreach
  • Kurt Low, Director of Outreach
  • Andrea Stuart, Director of Outreach
  • Vincent Bartalone, Visual Design Manager
  • Gregory Draheim, Tech Coordinator
  • Nina Dale, Business Coordinator