Our Mission

Why Minds Matter?

Low-income, high-achieving students are grossly underrepresented at competitive colleges. Only 3% of students at the nation's top 150 universities come from a low-income background. This means low-income high achievers too often miss out on obtaining the best education available, denying society at large the benefits of having the most educated workforce possible. In order to bridge the gap, we connect bright students from low-income backgrounds with resources and relationships necessary to achieve success. As a result, 100% of our students graduate from high school on time and earn admission to four-year colleges with scholarships, with many attending competitive and highly competitive schools.


Minds Matter connects driven and determined students from low-income families with the people, preparation, and possibilities to succeed in college, create their future, and change the world. We strive to equip high school students with the tools to gain acceptance to a four-year university and navigate the financial aid process. Through these efforts, we help our students develop as individuals. We introduce them to a world of opportunity outside their neighborhoods and comfort zones. They are more confident of their abilities, and are eager to succeed. Minds Matter works with motivated students because we believe that no student dedicated to earning a college education should be limited by socioeconomic status.

Facts About Minds Matter Cleveland

We have been serving the Cleveland community for over 10 years.

We are thankful for our 160+ volunteers dedicating over 16,000 hours annually.

We currently have 58 students preparing for a four-year college.

About Us


Minds Matter Cleveland is a non-profit organization working to overcome the education gap that holds back high-performing, low-income high school students. We equip under-resourced high school students with the tools to gain acceptance to and graduate from top-tier academic summer programs and four-year universities because we believe that no student's potential should be limited by socioeconomic status.

We do this by providing academic and mentoring resources, support, and opportunities to help students navigate the path to college and career success. Our program consists of rigorous academic sessions, mentoring, ACT test prep, and funded attendance at summer college immersion programs. Every student who has graduated from our program has moved on to a four-year college program.

Minds Matter Cleveland is a chapter of the national Minds Matter organization.  Since its founding in New York City in 1991, the organization expanded to 13 cities: Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, Denver, Detroit, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, Portland, San Francisco, Seattle, the Twin Cities, and Washington, D.C.