Our Volunteers

The Minds Matter volunteer experience offers dedicated individuals both the opportunity to meet a group of like-minded adults as well as the opportunity to hold leadership posts and carry the organization to new levels each year. Minds Matter volunteers come from diverse career backgrounds including advertising, banking, consulting, education, finance, law, marketing, non-profit and others.

Each year, we place bright and motivated students together with college graduates, who are committed to developing strong relationships with students and guiding them toward their academic pursuits. The Minds Matter volunteer experience offers dedicated individuals both the opportunity to meet a group of like-minded adults as well as the opportunity to hold leadership posts and carry the organization to new levels each year.

Are you interested in joining our team?

If you're interested in joining our team, please fill out the online application. A member of our leadership team will respond to you soon thereafter.

Current Volunteer Positions Available:


Leadership and Teaching Team

Serving as a leadership team member offers a wonderful opportunity to serve a critical role in the implementation of our program services and develop your leadership skills. Please email [email protected] for position descriptions.

  • Director of Mentor Programming
  • Director of Student Engagement
  • Director of Summer Programs
  • ACT Science Instructor
  • ACT Math Instructor
  • Writing & Critical Thinking Instructor
  • Tutoring Coordinator



Mentors are each paired with a co-mentor to work with two students to develop life skills that foster their personal and professional growth. Working together Saturday afternoons during the academic year, mentors also help students apply to summer college programs, and eventually work through a guided college admissions process, with the assistance of our college admissions team.

Commitment: Approximately 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM, Saturdays during the academic year



Utilizing Kaplan resources, tutors work with students one-on-one or in small groups to give individualized ACT test-prep assistance. No prior ACT expertise is required, but rather a commitment to helping the student progress.

Commitment: Approximately 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM, 3 Saturdays per semester



Instructors provide academic and ACT preparation instruction in classroom format in various subjects, including ACT preparation and college-level critical thinking and analysis skills.  If you are interested in becoming an instructor with Minds Matter, please contact [email protected]

Commitment: Approximately 1 hour in the morning, Saturdays during the academic year


Writing Councilors

Writing Councilors work with students via email to review and provide feedback on student applications to summer programs, college admissions, and scholarships. Writing Councilors have the availability to review student essays via email, with an anticipated turn-around time of approximately one week.

Commitment: varies, working remotely

Volunteer Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Minds Matter’s volunteers?

All of Minds Matter’s volunteers are college graduates at varying stages of their careers looking to make a difference in their community by directly impacting a high school student’s chance at a college education.

What is the time commitment for a typical volunteer?

The time commitment varies depending on the role. Our typical volunteer in these positions volunteers:

  • Mentor: 2 hours per week, 24 weeks per year
  • Tutor: 1 hour per week, 3 weeks per year
  • Writing Council: varies
  • Executive Team: 5 - 20 hours per week, all year

What types of volunteer activities take place outside of regular session?

Minds Matter of Cleveland organizes volunteer-only activities, such as happy hours, day trips, and attending events in the city together throughout the year.

Does Minds Matter offer short-term volunteer opportunities?

While the majority of Minds Matter volunteer opportunities are long-term commitments of at least one school year (about nine months), some short-term volunteer opportunities do exist. Reach out to [email protected] if this might be a better fit for you!

What kind of commitment is expected of volunteers with regards to fundraising?

Volunteers have no financial commitment to Minds Matter of Cleveland, but are asked to spread the word about fundraising and recruitment events. Volunteers can also help by seeking out matching gifts and volunteer grants from their companies.