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Aiyana is a senior at Cleveland School of Science and Medicine at John Hay. This fall, Aiyana will join Miami University’s Class of 2021! She plans on majoring in Psychology and Pre-Med, with an intent to pursue a career in Forensic Psychology.


Aiyana described her experience at Minds Matter as an emotional roller coaster, “It was a blast while it lasted, but as it comes to an end, you wish you could do it all over again.” Her favorite part about Minds Matter is how involved and dedicated each individual is to the program, from the students to our volunteers. She also shared that Minds Matter has allowed her to boost both her academic and personal social skills.


Personal fun fact: Aiyana loves to cook!


From her mentors Kelsey & Ben: “Aiyana’s spitfire personality added fun to our days. She continually impresses us with her fearlessness and drive. She’s grown as a leader in both her school and community from her involvement in volleyball to Girl Scouts to her health professions group. We’re proud of Aiyana’s achievements. We also look forward to staying in touch and hearing about her triumph in the future!”


Good luck Aiyana on your next journey!!