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Meet Christalynne, Minds Matter Cleveland Class of 2019! She will be attending Baldwin Wallace University in the fall. Through Minds Matter, she attended the Global Leadership and Social Change Academy at University of Michigan as a high school student.

Christalynne on Minds Matter: “Minds Matter has introduced me to totally different people than I otherwise would have gotten to know, and who have taught me a lot. This experience helps shape you and you learn a lot from those around you.”

From her mentor, Kevin Saunders: “It’s been a joy to watch Christalynne grow over the past three years. For as long as I’ve known her, she has always worn a smile on her face and jumped at every chance to extend a helping hand to others. What has most impressed me, however, is her determination to identify and improve on those aspects she perceives as ‘weaknesses.’ For example, when we first met, Christalynne was terrified of public speaking. To overcome her fear, she committed to accepting any opportunity to speak in front of other people, whether at school, in church or at Minds Matter. Now, though it is still not her favorite activity, to hear her speak in public, you would never know it was once her biggest fear. It is this steadfast determination for self-improvement that I believe will ultimately lead Christalynne to impact many lives. B-W is getting an amazing addition to their university community. I look forward to seeing what challenges she accepts next, and wish her an extraordinarily rewarding college experience. Good luck at BW, Christalynne!”

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