Jay'da H

Jay’da is a senior at Cleveland Central Catholic High School. At school, she plays baseball (as a pitcher and left fielder) and ran track. Some of her many personal hobbies include crocheting, coloring, and writing stories when she gets inspired by an idea or topic.

Jay’da has been playing the piano for thirteen years and the flute for five years. She recently started learning to play the piccolo and the viola in her leisure time. Jay’da’s passion for music led her to pursue a degree in Music Therapy at Baldwin-Wallace University, where she will be attending this Fall. She has expressed that her career goal is to help ill people feel better through music.

Jay’da shared that Minds Matter’s impact on her is indescribable. “Truthfully, when I started high school, I didn’t think about having a set plan for after graduation. All I knew was that I wanted to go to Baldwin-Wallace University. Now I can see myself not only attending college but also succeeding at achieving higher education; I finally have an actual focus and goal to strive for.” Her favorite part about Minds Matter was attending summer college immersion programs, where she got to experience different college campuses and meet new people.

From her mentors, Chis and Andrew: “She’s channeled her soft-spoken nature into a desire to truly help people and has overcome losses and challenges in her life that very few experience, all while pushing herself through an advanced academic curriculum. Watching Jay’da learn and grow has been exciting and inspiring and we know she’ll continue to accomplish great things through college and beyond.”