Petilla 1

Meet Petilla, Minds Matter Cleveland Class of 2019. She is a recent graduate of the Cleveland School of the Arts and she will be attending Bowling Green State University this fall. For her Minds Matter summer program, Petilla attended Ithaca College to study communication and rhetoric while she was in high school.

Petilla said: “Without Minds Matter, I wouldn’t be as prepared to go to college as I am now. If I hadn’t taken advantage of the opportunities Minds Matter has given me, I would definitely be more scared about going to college.”

From her mentors William Peseski and Phuong Dang: “We are so excited for Petilla and her decision to attend Bowling Green. She has excelled in her studies, and has given herself a distinct college advantage by having taken college for-credit classes during her high school curriculum. Petilla’s dedication to her beliefs is evident through her relentless advocacy in the furtherance of social equality. We are so proud of Petilla, and have no hesitation in recommending her for any endeavor she may wish to pursue.”

Petilla 2