Samantha Moguel

Samantha is a senior at Cleveland Early College High School at John Hay. This fall, Samantha will be attending Kenyon College, where she plans to major in Physics. Samantha has always loved math, and the ability to apply both math and physics in a career is appealing to her. She is interested in pursuing a career path in engineering.

Reflecting on her Minds Matter journey, Samantha described it as an overwhelmingly positive experience. “Minds Matter has impacted me in so many ways. Thanks to the morning academic sessions, my ACT score improved and I got accepted into the college that I wanted to attend. Along the way, I’ve made so many like-minded friends, who have similar work ethic and help me do great things. I also have two of the best mentors who always push me to do my best in everything. Among my top Minds Matter memories, my favorite one is probably the sisterhood circle, where we got to take a break from the academic portion of session just to talk about relatable things that seem a little closer to home for me.”

From her mentors, Jeff and Gerri: “What is most impressive about Samantha is her ability to overcome all obstacles that have come her way. Anytime, life throws her a curve ball, Samantha is always able to see the positives (and, often, the humor) in an otherwise negative situation. She is never afraid to go against the grain and blaze her own trail to accomplish her goals. It is this optimistic attitude and determination that will lead Samantha to great success at Kenyon College and beyond.”

Fun facts: Her hobbies include drawing and painting. Besides Physics, Samantha’s other favorite class in high school was Roots of Rock & Soul. She has two dogs, named Coco and Chanel.

Congratulations Samantha and best of luck on your next life adventures!