Senior Mentor Series – Meet Rachel Paschal

Rachel Paschal

Rachel Paschal, Assistant Registra at Baldwin-Wallce University
Where are you from?

I’m from South Euclid, OH.


How did you learn about Minds Matter Cleveland?

I learned about Minds Matter from an event at Baldwin-Wallace University. One of the speakers at this event originally co-found our Cleveland chapter.


Why did you decide to become volunteers?

I was very interested in how well-rounded the program was. Before earning my Master’s Degree, I worked as a college advisor for high school students, so Minds Matter student’s profile aligned well with my background and interest. I wanted to keep working with high school students to help them gain college admission. Also, what interested me about Minds Matter was the fact that you could really see the direct impact of your volunteer work on the students.


What do you like most about Minds Matter Cleveland?

I like how the organization is completely ran, organized, and operated by young professionals!


Who is your mentee? 

My mentee is Maranda. She goes to South Euclid High School.


What is the most rewarding part of your mentoring experience?

Looking back and seeing the growth and progress that Maranda has made in the past 3 years has to be the most rewarding part of being a mentor. Not only has she matured academically, especially her writing skill, but her social skills have also improved so much. Our relationship has changed from year to year. We started off as a 2-mentor and 2-mentee pair, now it’s just Maranda and me. She adjusted to that changing dynamic very well and it was pretty great to see that.


How has your mentee impacted your life?

Maranda motivates me to continue staying involved in the community, getting more engaged with other organizations that have a similar mission [helping students gain college access], and better myself to become an even greater mentor.


What does the future look like for your mentorship with the student and your involvement with Minds Matter Cleveland after graduation?

I definitely plan to stay in touch and maintain my relationship with Maranda, hopefully I can help support her as much as possible throughout her first year of college.


As for Minds Matter, I would like to stay involved after my mentee graduates, whether it is going to be in the same capacity or maybe exploring something different.